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The Institute of Professional Engineers Samoa


The Institute of Professional Engineers Samoa has two main objectives:

  1. It is the professional organization of all engineers in Samoa to
    - represent the profession of Engineering and the Institute's members to the public,
    - set and enforce the professional standards to ensure the quality of professional engineering in Samoa
  2. It is acting as the 'Professional Engineers Registration Board', as described in the 'Professional Engineers Act 1998'

More Information coming soon ...

Nomenclature of IPES Logo:

The traditional Tanoa (Kava Bowl) was selected, by consensus, from the many other logo bids for the IPES.

The reasons of the selection are as follows:

  • The basin shape of the tanoa represents a reservoir holding water for a hydro scheme, water storage for water supply. An engineering feature.
  • The legs represent structural piers of civil engineering structures like bridges, wharves and buildings. An engineering feature.
  • The flat surface on the top represents a road. An engineering feature.
  • The brown colour represents the true colour of the traditional kava bowl and also represents polynesian flavour..."

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